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Health & Safety

Snowik Limited wholly accepts the aims and provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The Company wishes to pursue a policy to promote health and safety at work and seeks the co-operation of all employees for that purpose. Working conditions which comply with statutory requirements and officially approved codes of practice will be provided.

Our statement of general policy is to:

  • Take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that all known safety factors are taken into account in the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings, machinery and equipment.
  • To maintain and monitor standards of health and safety throughout all its undertakings by applying best practice and the application of health and safety regulations.
  • To ensure that adequate instruction and training is given to all employees in all aspects of their work by the application of a company wide training matrix and personal development plans.
  • Provide, where necessary, approved protective equipment and clothing and to ensure that its proper use is understood. PPE is provided as appropriate for the work activities. PPE is maintained by the individual, and is subject to routine maintenance as is appropriate.
  • Take all reasonable steps to inform employees about materials, equipment or porcesses used in their work which are thought to be potentially hazardous to health and safety.
  • The risk associated with hazardous substances will be assessed before all work activities. Alternative and less harmful substances will be wherever possible. In case of risks to health, PPE is provided and used by employees, and health surveillance undertaken where necessary. Unidentified potential hazardous substances, such as asbestos, encountered during the course of a work activity are referred to the client and/or advice taken from the H&S Consultant, as appropriate. Significant risks associated with hazardous substances will be subject to a formal written assessent in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (CoSHH).
  • Manual handling risks will be assessed before each work activity. The task will be adapted to minimise manual handling risks wherever posible, including use of the alternative lifting and carrying methods. All employees have been trained in manual handling and are advised not to manual handle loads which they feel incapable of moving safely.
  • Keep all operatoins and methods of work under review so that they can, if necessary, be revised in the light of experience and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Provide appropriate facilities forfirst aid and prompt treatment for any injury or illness at work. Wherever possible arrnagements will be made with clients to use their first-aid facilities. Where this is not possible engineers carry their own first-aid supplies and assistnace will be sought from the emergency services if required.
  • All accidents are reported to the office and recorded in the accident book.
  • Ensure that fire risk assessments are carried out and procedures are implemented to ensure the safety of all those on site and its business interests.
  • Ensure all electrical equipment and systems are safe and do not endanger health.
  • Ensure that professional advice is obtained where potentially hazardous situations exist or might arise.
  • The implementation of this policy will be regularly monitored to ensure that objectives are being achieved and will be reviewed and if necessary revised to reflect changes in organisation or legislation.
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