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Corporate Social Responsibility

SNOWIK provides London and surrounding counties with reactive maintenance repairs and planned works. We embrace sustainability to ensure a better quality of life for all for years ahead. Our commitment is to integrate corporate responsibility measures to all areas of our business. We are committed to conducting business with integrity, transparency and openness providing upmost respect for individual rights, communities and human dignity as we would expect to receive.

The important factors to assist us in effectively conveying this are as follows. Core values as a company summarizing our ethos and belief about what matters and the manner with which we shall conduct ourselves. These values are the core foundations on how we build the success of our business and our aim is to always act in accordance with this.

  • We aim to be committed and passionate about customer service adding the extra added value to show we care.
  • To be reliable and meet timings, schedules and carry out instructions as we have proposed.
  • To be challenging and where applicable question fairly attributes and issues ensuring we are continually improving ourselves.
  • To be purposeful and ensure all that we do leads to a positive purpose ensuring optimum delivery, profitability and most importantly improved customer service.
  • To be supportive and receptive of others views and opinions. Consider consequences and how what decisions we make affects other people. To create an environment where people feel confident they can voice their opinions and ideas.
  1. Our business revolves around meeting customers needs and ensuring essential services and requirements in this modern world are met. Our aim is to understand what we are expected to do and work in order to resolve problems. We aim to be responsive to the needs to all clients, customers, regulators, sub contractors, employees, partners, suppliers and the community. Our priority is to develop and sustain a close working relationship with these. Our aim is to ensure our activities make a positive contribution to the wider goal of achieving sustainable development. This policy sets out our objectives for moving towards sustainable development.
  2. Environmental considerations are a fundamental and integral part of the operation of our business and we aim to continually improve our environmental performance in accordance with our environmental policy by the following:
    1. Effective and efficient use of natural resources where possible.
    2. Complying with relevant environmental regulations, laws and standards.
    3. Reducing volume of waste produced and maximizing reuse and recycling though stringent waste management system.
  3. We pride ourselves in serving customers offering and providing an efficient cost effective and accessible service. Ensuring customers are updated and are provided with feedback as often as required.
  4. We are committed to positively engaging with the communities we serve and minimize any negative impacts that our activities may have on them. In this we will seek to make a positive contribution to the development of communities and seek to build trust with those we are working with.
  5. When working with suppliers and subcontractor our relationship is to work in partnership with them to improve efficiency and productivity. Our aim is to continue to build a strong and fair stable long standing and productive business relationship, By upholding this we intend to pay them within mutually agreed terms and improve ethical performance and sustainable resource procurement from our supply chain.
  6. Our employees being one of our key assets to the success of our business will be provided with equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, disability, age or religion. We feel that it is important to recognize the importance of having a diverse workforce and investing in development of employees skills, potential and abilities in addition to ensuring their good health and safety and welfare needs are met.

Snowik Delivering Corporate Responsibility

In implementing the above objectives we shall develop key performance indicators to ensure the above is embedded in our business making decisions:

  • Communicate with all parties to include employees, sub contractors, partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Regularly monitor and record our performance with respect to implementation of the above objectives and ensure these key items are externally audited through ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001 and investors in people.
  • Finally this policy is to be internally audited annually to ensure best practice and sustainability targets are met and the service we intend to deliver is delivered.
Maria Smith
Operations Manger
Adopted and compiled 8th June 2009
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